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Get Started with Our Futuristic Solutions – FAQs

What is PMS technology Hotel?

Generally, in Hotels, a Property Management System also known as PMS is a feature-packed software application that covers multiple objectives of their operational activities within the organization. All main departments Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Kitchen are connected through this automated software in running Hotel smoothly.

Is MyHotelLine PMS Secure and Safe for Hotel Business Data?

With an on-premise PMS, the security and safety of data are relatively dependent on your local server as data is hosted at local destinations and not on MyHotelLine servers. While our cloud-based solution transmits data in SSL encryption that is stored and hosted on the web/cloud. Channel Manager and Booking Engine module store data on a third-party server with back up facilities and firewall protection. MyHotelLine secures and backs up any kind of business data for its customers for the entire module.

What If I want a Single Module than All – PMS, POS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine?

We believe in affordability and suitability. Every hospitality business process has its own unique demands and needs. Hence, requirements differ from one to another. Our hotel management software seamlessly integrates all your processes and modules into a single solution. We offer you customization, tailoring your needs into perfection. You can either purchase these modules individually like PMS (for a small hotel), POS (for a bar or restaurant), and so on, or together with an eye on future needs and business demand. Make a wise decision.

On Performance, Profitability and Efficiency; How far MyHotelLine Software can Satisfy a Hotel Operation?

The adaptation of new technology is always confusing. However, once you have your hands on it then only you can actually gauge its advantages to your business process. We are into the business of providing world-class technology solutions to the hospitality industry and our focus is to provide customers’ satisfaction with our solution and services.

MyHotelLine software easily integrates with any kind of hotel process and offers the most friendly features to help you in organizing, performing, and administering your day-to-day activities.

Our MyHotelLine PMS offers an Intuitive interface for quick action. It features a channel manager to connect you with GDS, Booking Engines, and OTAs to attract more prospective customers/guests. The automation allows you to manage different departments of the hotel business process with ease from anywhere, anytime.

To understand it better, you can subscribe to a 30 day trial period and discover the benefits yourself.

How can I transfer my existing current system data to MyHotelLine PMS?

Transferring huge data from one system to another always looks difficult. It requires a compatible system for a seamless transfer of data. Our regular configuration module of hotel PMS makes it all too easy to export and import data from any of your existing systems to MyHotelLine PMS. If you are still uncomfortable in importing/exporting data, you can provide us with your current system data including guest database, bookings, and reservation in the required format to us to transfer it to MyHotelLine PMS.

How different is a Cloud based hospitality solution from an On-Premise installation?

MyHotelLine offers you both solutions for your hospitality business process. There are some key elements which you need to consider as per your need and budget. Since both of the solutions offer a nearly similar remedy, it depends on your business needs and its adaptation.

On-premise is a physical server where applications used are stored on-site. In the case of a cloud-based solution, everything is housed at a different company’s data center. The maintenance, system upgrades, cooling of equipment, and power delivery tools responsibility lie with the company where the server is housed, which is opposite to an on-premise solution.

Our hotel front office management software is an on-premise solution that is installed at your local hotel server. Management of local databases and storage of information totally stays within the premises. Our cloud-based software is accessible on the internet from anywhere, anytime.

Does MyHotelLine PMS work effectively with any/all Hospitality Process?

We believe in delivering the best results. Our solution comes from a deep research on the hospitality market and its needs. We are the pioneers in adapting and introducing advanced technology into our PMS, POS, and other software modules to develop efficient, effective, and intelligent hospitality solution that can be easily integrated with your hospitality business processes in every way. Our design, interface, and friendly features fit into all kinds of hospitality processes, including Small/Large hotels, Hotel chains, Resorts, Clubs, Restaurants, Bed, and Breakfast facility and other rental businesses. It is a comprehensive solution for all your hospitality problems and needs.

Step into Future with Us

We offer you futuristic hospitality technology solutions for all your business needs. MyHotelLine’s expertise and experience will seamlessly get you through the integration process, from manual to automated, for the best experience in managing your hotel property.