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Sweet Shop, Bakery & Dessert Parlor POS Software

A Full-featured and simplicity to use POS Software for Sweet Shop and Bakery, take decisions efficient and timely.

MyHotelLine Bakery, Dessert & Sweet Shop POS Management System

Any sweet shop demands a unique design, an efficient interface with full of features that can fit every requirement. MyHotelLine Sweet Shop POS management software organizes and manages a variety of sweets with automated price tags to save time and bring convenience in billing. It is highly effective and suitable for the day-to-day activities of a sweet shop. What’s more! It can also keep a record of staff performance.

Automatic Pricing & Billing

automatic pricing - Myhotelline

Bakery, Sweet Shop POS Management Software gives one-click pricing and billing option. It performs easy calculations in real-time and is capable of recording every sale for future analysis and forecasting. The software comes with a friendly interface that allows you to see everything on the display.

  • Auto Pricing
  • Easy Calculation of weight with Price
  • Cost-Effective
  • Efficient and effortless
  • Customer Data Recording and Management
  • Registration of Each and Every Sale
  • Accurate and Error Free

Centralize Billing for Multiple Outlets

Our Bakery, Sweet Shop POS is an intelligently designed solution to meet your needs of multiple outlets. Its automated calculation system improves billing for multiple outlets. MyHotelLine Bakery, Sweet Shop POS registers and records every transaction and keeps inventory records for future analysis.

  • Adjustable with variables (Weight and Price)
  • Advance Accounting System
  • Multiple Counters Management
  • Present/Change Price
  • Sync Multiple Outlets Together on a Centralized process
multiple outlet - Myhotelline

Advance Booking Order

advance booking order - Myhotelline

Our Bakery, Sweet Shop POS comes with an advanced booking tool that allows you to integrate it with your website to make ordering online feasible for your customers who want to order online. It provides you a tracking feature at different stages – Production, Booking, Dispatch, and Delivery. The automated reminder feature notifies you about the timing of order and delivery too.

  • Online Ordering System
  • Real-Time Packing and Delivery
  • Quick Services
  • Provision for Feedback from Customers
  • In-built Reminder and Alert system

Custom Detailed Billing

No wonder sweets shops sell in bulk – in Kgs, and calculating various prices for different weights is not easy. MyHotelLine Sweet shop POS eases it with its advanced software system which comes with an impeccable POS solution. Our system comes with an advanced and professional level of accounting and taxation calculation module to make billing seamless.

  • Itemized Billing Feature
  • Accounting and Tax Calculation Module
  • Customized Billing System
  • Records Data and Tax Calculation
  • Error Free
Myhotelline Customized Detailed Bill

Inventory Management

inventory management - Myhotelline

Sweet Shops deal with a lot of perishable items. In this case, handling inventory is very difficult. You need to remember the exact time/date to save items from being wasted. Bakery, Sweet Shop POS solution helps you in receiving reminders and alerts about inventories.

  • Adds a list of items with quick excel upload
  • Categorizes items under sub-categories of inventories
  • Makes data field easy and flexible
  • Alerts and sets reminders when stock runs low
  • Enables to view inventory at any category level with rolled up a total
  • Offers stock information in a detailed manner with stock drill down
  • Lets you know about your total stock along with its value at any time