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Food Court Point Of Sales (POS) Software Solution

Manage inventory and deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time.



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Food Court POS - MyHotelLine

MyHotelLine Food Court POS Software System

MyHotelLine is always innovating with the latest technology to make life better for restaurants, hotels, and accommodation providers. Our latest Food Court POS software thrives on a wide range of smart features and robust interface which makes access easy in no time.

Manage Prepaid Food Court Cards

We understand the complexity of Food Courts – multiple counters, single card and different swipe counters, managing everything accurately is always going to be difficult. However, MyHotelLine’s POS software system features everything a complex business process needs to simplify for efficient handling and management of processes. Here are the benefits:

  • Easy Sales Tracking
  • Better Card Integration System
  • Processing Across Multiple Counters
  • Real-Time Update of KOT
  • Faster Validity Configuration of Cards
  • Quick Card Recharge

In-Depth Sales Report

With an accurate and in-depth insight into the food court business process, you can generate reports which can be analyzed to reach the actual results of the business – from growth/decline to future amendments. The data can be used to make better planning and decision for the betterment of the business.

  • Report Generation
  • Accurate Position of the Sales
  • Order History Tracking
  • Customer Detail Data

Food Court FAQ's

What is Food Court POS?

Food Courts POS are highly improvised automated program to manage all businesses operations including backend and front end functions. Guest Management, Billing, card processing, cash register, and daily sales reports are part of the front end while managing inventories, staff management, menus build-up, and customized solutions.

What is food court POS do?

Food Court POS are comprehensive automated software that can track sales, card integration system, real-time KOT update, quick card recharge, faster swipes, order history tracking, guest management, and report generations to keep the unit running at its highest performance.

What is Food Court Management Software?

A Food Court management software is a cloud-based computerised program used to manage small, medium and large food eating establishment. There can be multiple POS within a food court that offers to take an order, show digitized touch screen, payment processing.

What is POS in Food and Beverage?

Food & Beverage includes all food and drinks units which may be small, medium or large based on their organizational needs. They are usually equipped with POS to manage their regular operations like customized menus, billing, guest profiling, payment processing, inventories management and more to keep the sale of a business running smooth.