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How Our POS System can Benefit Your Club

From reporting to accounting, stock management, roster, and payments, our club management POS software has all covered up. MyHotelLine Club POS system features some of the finest functionalities which fit well for the night clubs. It is efficient and faster than any other club POS software in the industry.

speedup line - Myhotelline

Speed Up your Lines

MyHotelLine Club POS System offers quick navigation through its customized menu design, which leads you to complete each drink payment faster than before, allowing you to serve your customers more effectively without creating a queue at the counter.

  • Smooth and Speedy Payments
  • Customized Menu Design
  • Affordable Cost
  • Seamless Integration

Easier Payment

MyHotelLine Club POS offers the simplest payment solution with easy integration with your banks. This eliminates any kind of error like double entries and cash handling.

  • Easy Integration with Bank
  • Error Free
  • Time Efficient
  • Lesser Cash in Hand
easy payment - Myhotelline
pos inventory - Myhotelline

Inventory and Stock Management

With MyHotelLine Club POS Management Software, you can manage your ordering. It comes with designed features to integrate seamlessly with your system. Its powerful features allow you to track items you sell; from suppliers to your customers. All the inventories are duly stored without a margin of error. You can execute the Variance Reports and Stock Ordering sheet within a moment.

  • Registers Inventory Information
  • Generates Report
  • Offers Real-Time Update
  • Eliminates Misplacements of Inventory