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Your Resturant Point of Sale

Restaurant Management System to Take Care of Your Business, While You Take Care of Your Guest!
From POS, inventory, reservation to delivery, automate your restaurant operations & manage your business efficiently!

Inventory Management

Increase the efficiency of your restaurant staff in one go. Our restaurant POS offers you to track stock consumption, help you control pilferage, reduce wastage. What else! Save recipes and ingredients too.

Cash Management

Record your sales, daily expenditures, miscellaneous expenses, cash credits, etc. at a few clicks. Our robust and fully integrated cloud-based restaurant POS software helps you pull an accurate and easy to read reports and get a complete picture of your cash easily.

Multiple Restaurants Support

Own multiple restaurants? Do not worry. Our restaurant POS has a centralized dashboard that can be customized to help you manage operations of all of them. And you can compare performance across your franchises just like that.

Easy to Set Up

Say goodbye to installation woes and configuration blues. Our restaurant POS software is up and running in minutes. All it takes is integration with your PMS, simple login, and done. It works on all the devices – be a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Leverage the power of the cloud for your restaurant with our POS solution. You can access it anytime for any of your related requirements. Punch in orders,

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Keep a watch on your restaurant business all the time, as and when you want. Export data, view sales, pull analytics, or check customer feedback in just no time.

Simplified Design and Interface

Our reservation software is highly scalable and can be customized for your website. We offer different APIs to help you manage your property as per your business needs and access and manage data as and whenever you like. These APIs let you input the availability of rooms, rates, reservations, and promotion widgets.

Ready to take your Restaurant Business to the next level?