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Vacation Rental (OMS)

A Vacation Rental Operations Management System to Manage vacation rental properties that provide an apartment/hotel on rent with packages.

Operations Management & Channel Management for Vacation Rentals

The incredible features in our Vacation Rental Management software offer comprehensive managing powers to organize your property system. The software helps in automation of your property for seamless management of all the activities taking place at your property. It supports and combines your property management system, online reservation system, and hotel channel manager for better management of resources. It can be easily installed in a web-based or cloud-based system.

Key Features of Vacation Rental Management Software


Vacation Rental Management software comes with numerous features focusing on the better organization of your property system. It has incorporated modules for the property management system, agent management, company management, booking and reservation management, and many more.

  • Centralized Reservation System
  • Web Reporting and Analysis for Forecasting and Decision Making
  • Multiple Property Integration
  • B2C System – Where Users can Search, Book, and Pay for the Rooms they select.
  • B2B System – Add, Delete and Edit Agents and Companies, Markup Management, Commission Management, Deposit Details, Booking Status, and Many More.

Smart and Smooth System


Its seamless integration and automation of each and every activity make it a user-friendly software. The Vacation Rental Management Software features constitute higher guest satisfaction.

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Attract New Guests

The software allows guests to find you easily using the booking engine and other travel reservation websites.


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Account of Everything

Automation reduces efforts. It performs dozens of time-taking activities with a single click of the mouse.


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Great User Experience

The software works for you so that you can work for your guests, developing a better relationship with your guests for greater benefits.