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Resort Operations Management Solutions

A system that specifically designed for Resort management, which covers features like Support Multi Currency and Multi Language, Unlimited POS points to manage and add on services, Flexible billing option, Customization feature for better services, Generate Report on Sales, etc.

PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager & POS for Resorts

Specialized automated system exclusively designed for seamless integration to your resort system. Our Resort Management Software is efficient and effective to perform numerous activities that take place at a resort; from reservation and booking to room services, the system helps you to organize and administer your services effectively for the satisfaction of your guests.

It’s a Cloud-Based System for Resorts

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The Resort Management software is based on the cloud which gives you a secure and affordable system to manage your resort’s booking and other services including Housekeeping, Front Desk, and other inventories.

It is specially designed with a focus on details of resort needs. Our solution provides you with:

The cloud solution provides:

  • Faster, Efficient and Organized
  • Promotes Discounts and Packages
  • Price Parity on Booking Channels
  • Multi-currency and Language Support


Manages Multiple Rates


Our Cloud-based Resort software can handle multiple rates for inventories which can be changed under the market situation. It allows you to create powerful packages and manage them with additional services across different distribution channels and online travel agents (OTAs).

You can decide and define high/low weekdays, unlimited rate levels, offers, and packages for your seasons and special periods.

  • Full Control on Packages and Offer
  • Forecasting and Analysis
  • Generate Report on Sales
  • Connects with Booking Channels for Maximum customers

Increase in Revenue

The growth of your resort business highly depends on the number of your guests, occupancy conditions, and booking schedules. With our cloud-based resort management software you can penetrate worldwide customers through different means and channels.

The customization feature gives your guests the freedom of choice. Airport Pick-ups are scheduled beforehand. The arrival of guests and food choice is made known to staff at the time of booking.

  • Unlimited POS points to manage and add on services
  • Flexible billing option
  • Room services
  • Customization feature for better services
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What is the Resort Management System?

A Resort Management System provides effective measures and operational management within an establishment. Integrating reservations, staff schedules, room occupancy status, amenities, housekeeping, and connect with numerous POS for keeping the whole organization running smoothly.