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Lodge Management System (LMS) & Lodge Booking Software

Reliable and Secure Cloud LMS Software system which offers Features such as online Booking and Reservation, structured and organized Booking and Reservation System, Real-Time Update of inventories, Accessible from anywhere, anytime

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MyHotelLine Lodge PMS, Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Our lodge management software suite helps you to manage your lodge system in the most systematic and advanced way. It comes with a comprehensive range of exquisite features and a friendly user experience to give you the most of the technology. Its reservation and booking feature helps you to get bookings online. The software offers you exceptional solutions for all your lodge needs.

Maximize Your Profits

Lodge Management Software connects you with different booking engines to turn the attention towards the services you are offering to your guests/customers. Since most of the customers prefer booking online, the management software helps you to integrate your website with booking channels for optimal sales of available rooms and inventories.

  • Facilitates Online Booking and Reservation
  • Increases Profit through Direct Sales
  • Connects with different booking channels to facilitate sales
  • Manages Efficiently and effectively
  • Affordable and accessible

Structured and Organized

Lodge management software allows you to better your services by defining activities. It makes your lodge business process more transparent and organized which helps you to serve your guests in a better manner.

MyHotelLine cloud-based lodge management solution focuses on a generation of booking and reservations from different booking engines. The system allows you to organize and structure the booking channels as per their respective performance.

  • Provides a structured and organized Booking and Reservation System
  • Reduces Double Booking
  • Updates inventories in realtime
  • Offer a Powerful reach
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime

GDS Compatible

The lodge management software features are compatible with every booking engine and Global Distribution System (GDS). With its friendly interface, you can watch the performing channels easily and can drop off non-performing channels from the list.

  • Easy Integration with GDS
  • Integration with Global travel Websites for bookings
  • Real-Time Update of Information
  • Price Parity across Booking Channels