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Hotel Revenue Management Software System

A High performing demand-based revenue management system for hotels. It provides Daily Pick-up reports, Past, Present, and Future performance Data, Yield Algorithm to Highlight Demand Trends, Competitor Rate Shop, Dynamic Event Demand Calendar & more.

MyHotelLine Revenue Management Solution for Hotels

It is time to grow your business by leveraging technology into all your processes. Every business looks forward to increasing revenues using the best possible systems. MyHotelLine Revenue Management Software features an incredible interface that allows you to check the performance at every level, thereby providing you with an innovative and efficient way to manage and increase revenue.

This organized automated system ensures a seamless flow of activities concerning the development and growth of the business process. The revenue management software comes with a proven methodology with the advanced algorithm to facilitate higher growth and yield from the business, highlighting trends, rate decisions, and management.

  • Hassle-free and undisruptive process
  • Easy Integration with various properties
  • Automated data recording
  • No erroneous Entry
  • Evaluation of performance at every level

KPI Dashboard

management kpi dashboard - Myhotelline

MyHotelLine Revenue Management Software is a comprehensive solution for the revenue management of your property. It is designed to offer a user-friendly dashboard for better viewing of every aspect of your business. Forecast sales on data recorded into the system. The visual data with graphic representation improves the understanding of the situation of the business.

KPI Dashboard features:

  • Every day report
  • Data history
  • Forecasting report of the business
  • Automatic generation of visual data and graphic

Maximize your Profit

There is not much software that can predict the future of the business. Our RMS is a cutting-edge and robust software with an immense capacity to foretell the future of the business with recorded data. It provides a report and compiles the latest information on your competitors.

  • Accurate Analysis
  • Strategic and Focused
  • Report creation based on data and information
maximize profit - Myhotelline