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Hostel Operations Management Software

A System to Manage complete Hostel activities like Attendance, Mess, Disciplinary log, Room and Bed allocation, check-in, and Checkout by hostel Property Management System software.

MyHotelLine Solutions for Excellence in Operations & Increase in Bookings

Innovative, intelligent, and efficient – these are few qualities that come with MyHotelLine’s cloud-based Hostel Management software system. It is uniquely designed to adapt to run today’s hostels which come with different facilities for its students. The module offers you comprehensive control over the entire hostel system. Our complete hostel management software manages activities like Attendance, Mess, Disciplinary log, Room and Bed allocation, check-in and Checkout, and other important tasks related to hostel management.

The cloud-based hostel management software from MyHotelLine provides access to Students, Management, and Parents to check their progress, along with everyday attendance of the student in the hostel. Hostel and Mess fees are connected to the Fees Management Module system of the software.

Simple, Secure, and Sound

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MyHotelline Cloud-based Hostel management software provides you with the simplest way of managing your hostel to benefit you in various ways. All the data and information are registered and recorded on a secured server and are made accessible to authorized personals. There are key features of the Software:

  • Simplifies Hostel Management
  • Provides ease in rooms and bed allocation
  • Offers complete Mess management solution
  • Disciplinary log maintenance
  • Breakdown of fees as per the usage of facilities in the hostel
  • Fees Management Module integrates Hostel and Mess fees for easy calculations
  • Account details and Records
  • Updates to Parents on Hostel Attendance on a Daily basis
  • Vacating and Change provisions

Generation of Reports

The Hostel Management Software records and registers every minute detail and information for reports. The system provides real-time report generation of:

  • Student wise hostel Report
  • Mess Usage Report
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