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Features that make our guest house management system a preferred choice of thousands of Guest-house businesses.

Increase Direct Bookings

Our guest-house management system has a booking engine that can easily be integrated with your website and lets you keep a track of your direct bookings. It also offers you to collect payment via different modes – credit/debit card, cheque, and many others as convenient for your guests.

Efficient Integration with Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

Forget about a hassled process of synchronization. Our guest-house management software easily integrates with your hotel PMS, front desk, back office, and accounts department.

Seamless Centralization of your Guest-House Tasks

Update your room inventory, manage your guests’ check-ins and check-outs, immediate arrivals, and pre-arrange all the required details just like that.

Connect with OTAs and GDSs

Increase your visibility across major online channels. Our guest-house management system is already connected to major channels, including OTAs, vacation rental sites, and metasearch engines, and lets you be among your target audience in no time.

Quick Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)/ Bar Order Ticket (BOT) Analysis

Take out a KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) / BOT (Bar Order Ticket) wise report for a sneak peek into quantity and the value of your sale.


Generate Quick Reports

MyHotelLine’s guest-house management software offers you to create and export multiple comprehensive reports, including details of your sales, channel distribution, bookings at a few clicks.



Run Promotions and Offers

Now attract more and more guests the way you want. Manage all promotional activities and customized packages efficiently.

24×7 Technical Support

Minimize downtime. Our experts are available 24×7 via phone, chat, and email.

Have any Customized Requirements?

We’re fully flexible and scalable to accommodate everything to help you grow your hotel and guest house business.