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MyHotelLine Online Distribution & Channel Management System

The cloud-based channel manager works in Real-Time. It features single-click refresh buttons for your inventories and pricing which constantly updates the status of room availability across all channels.

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Faster Online Booking

Incredibly fast, the real-time hotel distribution system offers quicker, faster user experience of online booking and reservation. It connects the hotel online booking and reservation system with worldwide distribution channels and booking engines to expand and grow your hotel business. With an innovative dashboard and intuitive interface, you can see and check the actual picture of the performance of different channels and distribution systems.

  • Increases Global and Local Reach using the Web.
  • Transparency in Booking and Reservation status from different channels.
  • Easy Analysis of the performance of different booking channels and distribution systems.
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Complete Automation, No Manual Entry Required

The Real-Time Distribution Software provides you with great freedom to manage online distribution bookings and reservations from one place. The access from anywhere, anytime keeps you updated about the performance of each booking engine and distribution channel.

  • Automates inventory and rates from your PMS which helps you to make changes at one place and it updates across different websites in real-time.
  • No manual entry requires which reduces the risk of double booking and overbooking from the system with deep integration to 120+ of the world’s topmost PMSs, CRSs, and RMSs.
  • It gets you the world’s topmost 300+ booking channels in a two-way connection.
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Increase Revenue with Immediate Online Booking System

With unmatchable features and Real-time updates, our Hotel channel manager enables you to increase your revenue with online booking and reservation. Our cloud-based solution is economical and efficient to connect you with Distribution Channels and various booking engines.

  • It helps you in immediate updates of room status and other inventories
  • Continuous promotion by different channels of all available rooms
  • Lower Guest acquisition cost and increase your profits