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MyHotelLine Cloud-Based Campground Management & Booking Solution

Unique, affordable, and efficient, these major properties of our Cloud-based Campground Management Software make it worth integrating into your campground system of the business process. MyHotelLine Campground management software comes with features like online booking and reservation and anywhere, anytime access. It is an affordable system that will fit into your budget.

Customizable Campsite Setup

With customizable properties, MyHotelLine Cloud-Based Campground Management Software offers you the freedom to choose features that suits your business model. Our Campground Management module offers various friendly features with custom services to economize the cost.

  • Faster and Quicker Check-in and check out
  • Reduced Booking Mistakes
  • Effective Utilization of Space
  • Error Free
  • Simplified Accounting

Key Features of Campground System

The rich features of Campground management software provide ease for location search and make it easier to reach property with interactive maps. It can also accommodate multiple payment processing gateways for the convenience of guests.

  • Interactive Map
  • Point of Sale
  • Networking and Remote Access
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Reservation and Booking

Location Module

Our location module helps in a seamless grouping of sites by location including RV or tenting areas. This works with a campground with its mixed lodgings – cabins and campsites. It makes tracking of revenue, calculation of taxes by location, and organization of availability by location super easy.

  • Independent Booking engine
  • Data Tracking and retrieving
  • Registration of each Transaction
  • Recording of Locations Information