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Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Billing, Loyalty, Inventory, Accounts, Table Booking, Costing, Recipe Management, Multi-Language Menu, Multi Outlets, Online Food Ordering, Food Aggregators integration, and Own Mobile App on Play Store, etc make MHL single choice of all elite Restaurants owner and Managers. Smart KDS, ODM, Steward app, QRcode ordering system, Mobile billing, and many more are colorful feathers on the crown. KOT, Quick Service, Bar Management, Staff Management, Customer Satisfaction, and Reservation to delivery and easy to use Restaurant POS System to automate your all operations efficiently!

Everything you Need for Better Restaurant Management

MyHotelLine Restaurant Point of Sale Management Software (POS) is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of restaurants. Whether you have a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants, our cloud POS offers you centralized control over everything.

A quick look at all the features you get:

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Room Service

fine dine software icon

Kiosk Mode

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Auto Happy Hour Rates

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Shift and Cash Management

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Customized KOT and Bill Formats

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Digital Table and Guest Menu

Well! A Comprehensive POS Offers A Lot More

Don’t Worry! We Got You Covered

Myhotelline Kitchen Display System

Android Kitchen Display System

Bid farewell to handwritten orders. Let your guests directly place the orders from his mobile through our QR code ordering system which goes to the kitchen team with our robust Kitchen Display System. It displays orders on the kitchen screen for your chef to coordinate with the stewards.Steward gets a notification on its mobile as food preparation. See a consolidated view of prepared

Myhotelline Ease Your Deliveries

Food Delivery Management

Manage multiple deliveries with flawless delivery management. Our restaurant POS software gets your drivers right at customers’ doors via integrated Google maps. Track your drivers. View the last order details of the customers from mobile numbers, send automatic order confirmations, dispatch alerts, and add loyalty points to the database – all from a single dashboard.

multiple menu

Ability to Create Multiple Menus

You can create multiple menus, Session wise Menu, Day wise Menu, Multilingual Menu all can be managed in a single POS. Multiple Menu for online orders as well as the different locations of the same POS can also be managed. Our system reduces errors and smoothes

Kiosks for Guests

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Being cloud software you can Monitor your revenue and keep a watch over your restaurant operations from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can keep watch on each KPIs for running the Restaurant business effectively and profitably.

Myhotelline Billing Operations

Order Customization with Item Modifiers

Say goodbye to the hassles of order customization! Customize orders quickly and efficiently, the way your customers want. Our restaurant point of sales (POS) software has integrated modifiers.

Myhotelline Split Bill

Split Bills

Offer your customers the flexibility to split the bill as per their preference. Our restaurant POS software splits a bill evenly between any numbers of guests, by individual items.

Myhotelline Multiple Payment Mode

Loyalty Guest Management

Build your own guest loyalty program with our highly capable restaurant point of sales software (POS) that offers you a quick look at your valuable customer data, their purchase behavior, preferences, and much more.

Make strategy

Online Order & Table Booking

Your guest can Online order food from your app, downloaded from the play store or your promotional link, or even QR code sent by you by different mode. Customers can book a table

Track your inventory

Costing & Recipe Management

MHL provides comprehensive costing for each recipe. The costing module deal in Item Recipe and ingredient Management, Sales based costing, Manual Consumption, Kitchen Transfer, Stock management, Bulk posting, and NC Details

Track your inventory

Real-Time Inventory

Keep tabs on what you have and what you need effortlessly. Our inventory shows the real-time position of all stock including kitchen consumption. The reorder level can be defined and managed. You can get the functionality of live inventory management with self-updates of various lists. This way you can plan your food production on the basis of the orders received and thereby reduce overall wastage & pilferage. You can also track suppliers, units, rates, and estimate re-orders after taking a look at your inventory.

Track your inventory

Centralized Kitchen

With the growing demand for online food ordering, Centralised kitchens are gaining popularity. The central kitchen prepares food and transfers semi-finished/Un-finished food at a different location to deliver in those areas.MHL provides the smartest and flexible operation features of Central Kitchen.

Track your inventory

Online Food aggregators Integration

MHL provides integration with almost every food aggregators i.e. Swiggi, Zometo, Food Panda, and more. Order coming from these platform fall directly on the billing screen. Accepting order directly fire KOT.

Track your inventory

Actionable Insights

With our point of sale software, you can get real-time insights for every errand that
you are managing or running. You can now analyze your restaurant’s critical data with
neat graphs and quick data display with our robust cloud restaurant POS seamlessly.
Integrated analytics process, you can make smarter business decisions and accelerate your revenue generation process.

Restaurant POS FAQ's

What is Restaurant POS System?

THE Restaurant POS system is an automated software application that is used to manage all operations i.e. KOT firing, bill generation & settlement, and many more. Tracking sales, cash register, inventories, accounts, employees staffing, manage guest histories, vendor profile management, and customized function specifically to target restaurant goals and objectives in the long term.

What is POS Software used for?

This POS System can be used as standalone software to run any small or large Restaurants, Coffee shop, Bar, Sweetshop, Retails, and many more for managing their day-to-day operational activities. All the financial transactions, cash register, services, features, pricing, taking reservations, booking, history, payment, and many other organizational duties can be performed using this POS software. In a large organization, there can be multiple POS connected with a PMS to manage each Point of Sale location separately.

What are the advantages of POS?

A well managed POS can automate the functions of a unit selling its product and services effectively. Here are the main advantages of a sophisticated POS system. Automates all operations without human error Makes the system more efficient and profitable Manages all financial transaction, payments, and account details Track and manage inventories in real-time Automates the whole organization procedures Employee/Staff Management Offline/Online ordering system

Which is the cheapest POS system?

In the market, there are many POS systems for managing a large restaurant or even small kiosks. Pricing depends on a lot of factors like use, per transaction, monthly, yearly, etc. MyHotelLine offers its Restaurant POS as a standalone product that can keep your organization running at its optimum pace.

What is a cloud-based POS system?

A cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system is one where information or data comes from a remote cloud service, every activity is tracked and shared in real-time with the server. These Cloud-based POS systems can also manage multiple functions of a unit for their day-to-day activities.

What is the best point of sale system?

MyHotelLine is the best Point of Sale(POS) system with impeccable features for Room Service, Dine-in, Take away, Kiosks, and any other POS points. Some of the main functions of this restaurant POS include customized KOT, Bill formats, shift, and cash management, digitized table and guest menu, Android kitchen display system, food delivery management, ability to create multiple menus, order customization, split bills, loyalty guest management, reporting, and real-time inventories anytime, anywhere with remote access.