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Hotel & Restaurant Mobility Solutions

Integrate, Optimize, and Streamline your entire Hotel & Restaurant Process. Mobile Front Desk, Room Management, Laundry, Minibar, PO Authorisation, Item issue/Receipt, Booking Engine, CRS, QR code ordering, Online food ordering, Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), and Digital Table Menu, Self Check-in, Checkout, Room Service and more to let you wow your staff and Guests.

Hospitality Mobile Apps Solutions for You

Smart Front Desk

Deliver a WOW experience to your guests right at their arrival in a hotel in Front Desk. Mobile Check-in makes multiple front desk staff manage a large number of guests at the same time which makes guest more relaxed and increase guest experience. The hotel can give facility of self Check-In to their guest also. Charge posting, Checkout, and Night audit through mobile make Front Desk a real contactless. Thinking what else!
Enable your Staff & guests to do:

  • Reservation
  • Check-in
  • Charge posting and Checkout
  • Night Audit
  • Self Check-in by Guest
  • Room Service by Guest

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software

Bring your property’s operation and cash management to handy and smart mobile devices via our secure cloud-based mPOS software. Now, don’t just manage your Front Desk but Restaurants, SPA, Laundry, Mini Bar, and Kiosk too. Simply install the Mobile app on your device and start to get selling. Guest QR code ordering from their table with their own mobile make contactless working in Restaurant, Steward doesn’t have to be present all the time. With our well-integrated and easy to use mobile POS, access real-time data from anywhere, anytime, and not miss a thing about your revenue. Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software Bring for Staff and Guest

  • Manage multiple menus, promotional pricing, and discounts
  • Set up integrated payments and produce receipts
  • Easily manage a large number of guest in peak hour
  • Mobile stewards make operation very easy and hassle-free
  • Manage your guests remotely
  • Customize the POS as and when you need


Housekeeping is the only department that has very wast operational areas so utility of mobile application in this department is foremost important. Cleaning outdoor areas, rooms cleaning at different floors, towers; serving minibar, Laundry, complain management, and many more activities are managed by this department. Our mobile solution for this most important department which is the most responsible part of guest satisfaction letting you:

  • Room Management
  • Outdoor areas management
  • Minibar
  • Laundry
  • Item Receipt and Issue for Housekeeping

Material Management

Managing stores, Item Receipt, Item Issue, PO authorization by a person on movement are some important operations for which mobile solutions are very important for the smooth working of Hotel; They help you to:



  • Item Receipt/Issue
  • PO authorization




Guest Service Management App

Embrace the latest digital technology and create a better customer experience and satisfaction. Cater to them according to their preferences with our exclusive guest self-service app, exclusively designed for hotels and restaurants like yours. It also The app serves as a medium of communication between you and your guests, right from the moment they check-in to check out. Be it concierge requests, bookings, or any other requirement, your guests feel empowered all the time. Further, avoid irregularities and reduce confusions and help you to:

  • Online Booking of room and Food on mobile
  • Self Check-In, Checkout Request
  • Complaint & Request
  • Room service
  • Feedback
  • QR code ordering

Booking Engine & CRS App

Increase booking by salespersons using their mobile applications while moving from the corporate office to different travel agents. This mobile solution also used by different booking channels associated with hotels with their own rate type. CRS can also be used through mobile in case of multiple properties:



  • Mobile booking by multiple booking channels
  • Mobile booking by multiple sales representatives
  • Booking is done by a centralized office executive in movement


Deploy the cutting-edge hospitality mobility solutions and enhance the productivity of your staff as never before.