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Cloud Property Management System

Designed for Small to Large Hotels, MyHotelLine’s Cloud Property Management System Offers a Comprehensive Range of Features Including

Powered by the market-leading technologies, enhanced by the expertise of the industry leaders, it lets you manage your hotel’s systems, with no, added IT burden.
Looking for more? Well, we have some exclusive add-ons showing what our cloud-based cutting-edge hospitality property management system is capable of:

Point of Sale Solutions (POS)

Our cloud-based hotel property management software has an in-built POS software that streamlines the billing for your restaurants, coffee shop, beauty & spa, room service, gym, disc, lounge, etc. You can add more via.

Inventory management system

Inventory Management

Monitor the use of your resources, inventory and stocks for optimal utilization. Accelerate restocking procedures for reduced TCO and efficient hotel management. What’s more? Our Hotel PMS with unique capabilities

PMS Manage Accounts

Financial Accounting

Get your financial statistics right and accessible from anywhere, anytime. MyHotelLine PMS software eases out the complex task of accounting, managing cluttered excels and sorting out large data at a few clicks. With a fully

Hotel Billing Reports

HR & Payroll

Our hotel property management system has got everything that you need to simplify the HR & payroll system for your employees. Record your employees’ profiles, attendance, calculate wages and salaries, perks, overtime.

Hotel Billing Reports


Create plans basis informative data to improve your functionality. Our self-service reporting mechanism gets you what you need – from collecting data from your servers. Know your RevPar, Occupancy in no time.

24 Hours Support

Technical Support

We offer dedicated, functional and end-to-end technical support, available 24×7 via phone, mail and chat. If you are stuck anywhere, remember we are right there. Happy to Help.– from collecting data from your servers.

Online Training for Users


Avail a FREE training session designed to acquaint you with multiple facets of MyHotelLine’s cutting-edge hotel property management software. You can now get hands-on it with instant training and support available via 300+

Track inventory

Real Time Inventory

Get real-time inventory updates that help you plan food production based on orders and reduce wastage & pilferage. Track suppliers, units, rates, and estimate re-orders in no time.You can now get hands-on


What is a PMS System?

PMS i.e, Property Management System is a software application, that manages and tracks all activities within the Hotel establishment. MyHotelLine is one feature-packed hotel PMS with cloud-based technology consists of multiple integrated modules that are used to manage all departmental activities within an organization efficiently. Every hotel, hostel, resort, motel, lodge, vacation homes, Bed & Breakfast, any more similar uses a sophisticated PMS to keep their daily activities running smoothly and seamless channel integration and numerous benefits for your organization.

What is PMS technology Hotel?

Generally, in Hotels, a Property Management System also known as PMS is a feature-packed software application that covers multiple objectives of their operational activities within the organization. All main departments Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and Kitchen are connected through this automated software in running Hotel smoothly.

What is the meaning of P.M.S. in the Hotel Industry?

PMS stands for Property Management System in the Hotel Industry. It is an automated software's where all the transaction activities, scheduling, planning, budgets, and management for each department of the organization is done. It can also be used as a standalone for a small Hotel or a large Hotel catering to thousands of guests daily.

How PMS helps in Hospitality?

Hotels can be of different types based on size with multiple departments. A Property management System is an integrated software with comprehensive modules to run the establishment of the whole organization. All inter-department activities are linked with software that provides all automation with ease and errorfree.

What software do Hotels use to manage their activities?

Most of the small, medium, and large hotels use specific PMS software to automate all departmental activities within the organization. This software acts as a connection and offers comprehensive solutions in running the organization successfully. Apart from this PMS, hotels use Restaurant software, Booking engine for their websites, Channel manager to manage all OTAs effectively, Loyalty, Review management, and many more.

How much does PMS Cost?

Property Management System charges are based on modules taken and the size of the hotel in terms of the number of rooms. MyHotelLine offers affordable packages for businesses based on their size and regular use. Get connected with our Customer executives to know more about costs for your Business-specific needs.

What is Cloud-based PMS?

Cloud-based technology is more proficient, multi-functional, more optimized, highly secure, enhances accessibility, and offers seamless integration with numerous devices with a uniform viewing experience. Cloud-based based data also have enhanced protection and offers better sustainability for an organization to run effectively.

What is the difference between PMS and Channel Manager?

Property Management System consists of an automated software's managing all activities within the establishment covering reservations, inventories, and multiple departmental roles. Whereas Channel manager is built to streamline room selling from multiple OTAs. Channel Manager can be a standalone feature or an integrated part of PMS. MyHotelLine has its channel manager and offers its software to Hotels all over the world.