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Hotel Booking Software with a Mobile app

Optimize Revenue with a premier Hotel Booking Software with a Mobile app
Manage direct bookings, affiliate bookings, and channel bookings across devices with our fully equipped hotel-booking engine software now All under one roof!

Take a quick look at its capabilities

With the best hotel booking engine at your bay, you can rule the market in no time. Our carefully curated product comes with the following features that go a long way in enhancing your business revenue-
Rate Management – Control the price that you want to offer to your customers after getting the market metrics.
Inventory Management- Get real-time updates on your room inventory to always know the availability.
Reservation- Streamline your room reservations across all channels, OTAs, and websites.
Multi-Property Reservation- You can get inventory and information on all your reservations across all your properties in one single window.
Rate Planner: Leave all your worries to a rate planner that can manage the property rates for you as per the dynamics of the field.
Integrated Payment Gateway: Integrate the popular payment methods with your room booking app and provide easy reservations.
Dynamic catalog: Automatic updates of the fluctuating prices of the market
Website Integration- Integrate a dynamic room booking app with your hotel’s website and provide one-stop booking solutions to your customers.
Dynamic pricing with PAX & Meal Plan- Update your room tariff plans as per the need of the hour with just a few clicks.

How Hotel Booking software can make things easier for you?

Ease your customer’s process of booking a room with you. Adopt an online booking software that facilitates your guests to reach out to you easily. Our hotel booking engine gives you the power to integrate a booking channel right from your website. It also integrates the booking channel with a business Facebook profile and thus expanding your ability to reach out to more and more customers. With the help of our hotel booking engine, you can-
1. Make your property readily bookable through your website.
2. Do away with the need to depend on the OTAs.
3. Reduce the cost that goes into paying commission.
4. Increase the number of your bookings manifold
5. Effortlessly accept and process payments in various modes.
6. Adjust the rates and promotions that you want to offer.

Outstanding Booking Tracker

Track all your bookings: from booking confirmation, payment confirmation, booking cancellation to no shows. Our robust and smart hotel booking engine system automatically emails you the moment any booking comes from any channel. It helps you organize your bookings.

Room Type wise Amenities

Customize the display amenities of your rooms according to the type of rooms that you are offering. Give your guests a varied range of options with dynamic pricing, meal plan combos, and much more.

Room Type Images

Display the bright and vibrant images of your different room types. Make sure the amenities of each and every kind of service offering is displayed in the image. This increases your credibility among your customers.

Rate Revision Based on Market Analysis

Revise rates basis accurate market insights. Our hotel booking engine software offers you an analysis of the market, providing you with business-critical analytics to create an optimal pricing strategy. You can also feed in and compare your previous years’ rates to determine the best available retail rate (BAR), keep a watch over the competition rates, and tweak your rates accordingly.

Booking Engine FAQs

What is a Hotel Booking Engine?

A Hotel can have numerous rooms based on the features, pricing, and discounts. A Hotel Booking engine is an online application that allows reservation for these rooms. Most often these hotel engines are part of PMS System but they can also act standalone too.

How Does a Booking Engine Work?

A booking engine is connected with Hotel PMS and offer real-time data about room availability, discounts and a way to book them for future with customization. These engines are also integrated with 3rd party websites for taking reservation and assigning commission respectively

Which is the best Hotel Booking Engine?

MyHotelLine is one of the best feature-packed cloud PMS with integrated Hotel Booking engine. Booking engine allows easy reservation from multiple sources in generating revenue for the organization

What is the Booking Channel?

A Booking Channel is part of the hotel PMS that allows easy integration from multiple sources to collect reservation. The whole system is designed to offer real-time room availability with comprehensive pricing features for customers to reserve rooms for future booking respectively.

What is a Hotel Booking System?

A Hotel Booking System is part of the Hotel PMS which allows online reservation from a website and other portals. It has real-time room availability for days, timing, features, and prices allowing the customer to see, analyze and book the rooms for their future need.

What are the advantages of Booking Engine Software?

Hotel Booking Engines are comprehensive booking or reservation management system for an organization to take guest reservations from multiple sources. Real-Time Central Reservation System, Outstanding Booking Tracker, sophisticated reservation chart and a single dashboard to show efficient statistics are part of the Booking Engine. MyHotelLine is a well organized online booking Engine Software can benefit Hotels and other establishments in the long run.
Here are the main advantages of online booking systems.
• Online Systems are available 24 hours accessibility
• Online Booking can take reservations from around the globe
• Completely automated process with the minimum hassle of any kind
• Enhances revenue generation options for organization
• Ease of payments for Guests and business too
• Reduces No Shows and cancellations
• Off course increase revenue of hotel by offsetting commissions from OTAs