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Excellent Support

We are not very knowledgeable in terms of technicality when we need any technical help, we contact the MHL team and they are just a phone call away, I must say they are very kind and patient. Their customer success team calls from time to time to take a review of their services and software running smoothly.

Smart Channel Manager

When I was not using a Channel Manager, I was facing overbooking issues. it was very difficult to manage guests at the time of overbooking. Now I am using MHL inbuilt channel manager software with its PMS to manage our Rates and inventory. Any change updates PMS, booking engine, and all your channel instantly. No more problems with overbooking. In addition, they have amazing customer support.

Customized Dynamic Reports helped me quick decision taking

Myhotelline Financial reporting is dynamic. It Publishes reports online with all important KPIs for anyone, anywhere as per our need, it addresses our requirements perfectly. We are very happy after migration from our earlier software to the MHL, it is very flexible. Special thanks to the MHL team for help in the development of the program and the prompt resolution of our problems. Way to go MHL team! The manager report is awesome and meets world standards.

Smart Mobile Booking Engine

Previously I was not using a booking engine and My hotel was integrated with multiple channels, since I only started using MHL Booking Engine, it made our online presence stronger. It maximizes my hotel revenue from direct bookings, in a single line I would say “More direct bookings, no commission & more revenue”.This booking engine is really easy to use and its bookings fall directly on the room chart. Given the type of hotel we have, we introduced out of the ordinary sales strategies and even such strategies supported by the MHL booking engine – Great work! Love my own Mobile Booking Engine installed on Play Store by MHL.

All-In-One Hotel & Restaurant Software

We have started using this tool for 13 months and overall this cloud software exceeds my expectations. This amazing software is all in one on a single platform for hospitality users, I just love it Single dashboard for all the Modules which gives us the birds-eye synopsis of the hotel status, That means if you choose this software then nothing else is required. previously, I have used other Hotel software as well, and so far it is my favorite. This software is a great value for the money!!

Two Click Operations with Awesome support

My hotel is located at a hill station, In high season we receive lots of group bookings, since we started using MHL PMS I am very happy as this software handles group check-in in two clicks only which made my operation smoother, faster and easier, If I talk about the support department It is always awesome. My revenue increased by 20% due to less operational costs.