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Partner Program

We understand you the best. Our pre and post-sales support to strengthen our bond with our customers and resellers. We are globally accepted, receiving encouraging feedback from our business clients across the globe. Our expansion program is focused on developing a customer base in Whole Asia, Middle East, USA, Australia, Europe, and Africa. We believe in overall and focused growth through updating of existing systems with future market demands.
MyHotelLine welcomes individuals and Business organizations from across the world to join us in our partnership program to benefit from our growth.
Be a part of our expanding horizon. You can join us as a reseller of our products and services portfolio.
You can contact us through emails to know more about our reseller program. Drop us your basic information – Personal/Professional/background with company information.

Reseller Program.

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Benefits for Resellers

Our Reseller program is designed to benefit those who want to work with us. We provide support and training to enhance reseller capabilities for better profits, incredible industrial commissions, and more than a bonus. They will earn recurring commissions on software renewal and upgrades too. We respect efforts, thus every convertible lead goes directly to our reseller of a particular location.

Sales Support Program for Partner

PMS seller requires a certain amount of experience in the Hospitality Industry and if you got that and have the right connections in the industry, but no direct experience in PMS selling, we have a perfectly designed program for you. Look at it:

  • Influence target segment with your Industry connect
  • Identify Opportunities to sell
  • Connect opportunity with Alliance Manager
  • Sales Representatives’ Engagement until Closure
  • Geographical Representation
  • Benefits from Sales attributed to you – the partners
  • Transparent communication
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