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Use of technology in management has revolutionized businesses around the world. Property or Hotel Management Systems is now the heart of each business for their numerous advantages.

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7 Most Effective Ways To Boost International Booking For Your Hotel Rooms

by admin

One question that keeps owners & managers always interested is getting more and more bookings for their Hotel rooms. Marketers often bring creative ideas to get customer attention but Markets are often unpredictable and one needs to have precise information about the latest strategies to be on the right side when travel movements are low. Because Hotel needs daily bookings for their room to keep generating revenue and compete with other similar accommodations. Hotels are now thoroughly.....

How can MHL software systems boost your business after COVID-19 Pandemic?

by admin

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost mishappening, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having an adverse effect on the global economy but the truth is the pandemic is temporary and shall definitely pass. Thus, we should continue to plan for the future, as well as take.....

Why MyHotelLine is the Best Restaurant POS Software?

by admin

Restaurants are a significant part of the Food and Beverage Industry. With globalization and development, every international cuisine is now available in a local restaurant. Point of Sale Software is used by almost every restaurant to help them manage and control operational activities. MyHotelLine.....

How Cloud Computing Is Emerging As The First Choice For The Hospitality Industry?

by admin

Cloud computing has revolutionized the modern technology infrastructure with its ease of adaptability and resourcefulness. Even for the Hospitality industry Cloud-based Hotel Property Management Software can easily integrate with all POS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager and provide the cohesive.....

Overcoming Challenges and Operational Hazards with Proficient Hotel PMS

by admin

A Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is now used across small, medium, and large hotels or any other hospitality unit for their efficient usage and driving business profits in the right direction. But any hotel or establishment may run into trouble for their inefficient policies and methods......

How a Smart Banquet Management Software Increases Catering Business?

by admin

Banquets are an essential part of the F&B industry that offering of profitable options for businesses. All events like parties, functions, weddings, reception, and business meetings are part of the Banquets. Hotels especially have several banquets with small, medium, and large depending on the.....

Importance of Online Reviews for the Hospitality Industry in this Digital Age

by admin

Modern devices and their effectiveness have remarkably changed the perspective of today's population. It is hard to imagine youngsters without any modern gadgets these days. They do everything by searching online, getting information, reading reviews, and then taking the decisions thereafter......

Hospitality Market Trends you Can't Miss in 2020

by admin

With new millennia moving forward into the next generation, the Hospitality industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Modern electronics and their usage are having a profound effect on the Guest experience. The rise of Eco-friendly products and connectivity in Global tourism is showing some.....

Why Hotels and Restaurants Need Revenue Management Software

by admin

Effective revenue management is the most important aspect of running a hotel or a restaurant business. Having automated revenue management software is no more a luxury but has become the need of the hour. Hotels and restaurants are constantly increasing with an accelerated pace, this is a reason.....

How PMS is used for Building Effective Marketing Strategies?

by admin

Hotel Property Management System (PMS) has now become a significant part of the Hospitality industry. It eases numerous organization processes and automates them to make them proficient. All guest booking and their contact information are available in the backend. These data are often analyzed on.....

What is Night Auditing and How PMS helps in night auditing procedures?

by admin

A Hotel remains open round the clock for business activities with guest checking-in and checking-out at any time. Similarly, financial transactions are carried throughout the day and night with restaurant bills, laundry charges, or any POS bills either paid right away or added to the guest profiles.....

Difference between a Hotel PMS, Channel Manager, OTAs and Booking Engine

by admin

With new research and innovations driving this digital age, efficient use of modern technology offers a lot of prospects for Hotels to improve their daily operations, and enhance profitability. Each technology has its features and automates the information for better performance. With this blog, we.....

What is Housekeeping in Hotel and Importance of Housekeeping software?

by admin

With modern-day technologies and innovations, it is hard to imagine any organization running without any software. Hotel Businesses have been using PMS technology to improve their daily operations and automation for the last three decades. A hotel consists of many departments with Front Desk,.....

Why Hotel Management Software Have Become Essential For Hotels?

by admin

The use of technology in management has revolutionized businesses around the world. Property or Hotel Management Systems is now the heart of each business for its numerous advantages. These software promotes automation, track all activities, financial transactions, and makes the administration more.....

What is Property Management Software? Benefits of MyHotelLine PMS.

by admin

There was a time when property owners used paper, pen, and spreadsheets to manage their activities. Now with modern revolution Property managers use sophisticated Property Management systems to manage the operations of an organization. This Hotel PMS can easily be customized to match business needs.....

What is Inventory Management Software? Why is it Important for Hotel And Restaurant?

by admin

For every organization, whether it be Hotels or restaurants, inventory management plays a major role in their daily operation. A lot of basic items or materials are required to run a hotel or restaurant smoothly. Excessive stock items will results in a loss for the organization while insufficient.....

How to Generate Hotel Reports with a PMS?

by admin

Hotels are often quite large with hundreds of rooms spread over their property along with their numerous POS that operate within an organization. It's important to manage and track their performance regularly. A Hotel PMS is used where all the information in the form of data can be added by.....

How Motel Software are Contributing to More Revenue?

by admin

There was a time in the 20th century when Motels were at their prime. Travellers used to enjoy the short stays, had food and sleep before making their ways to the next destination. But ease of air travel, hectic life and modern luxury in large hotels took away the charm of these small businesses......

Building an Effective Revenue Strategy for Hotels

by admin

Rooms are the major source of income for the hotel. Any strategy for building revenue will pass through the occupancy of these rooms. Even though it should be straightforward that the higher the occupancy rate higher the revenue still there are many factors taken into consideration for building an.....

How to choose an efficient Hotel Booking Engine

by admin

A hotel booking engine or hotel reservation system is an application used on hotel websites to securely process online reservations. New age booking engines have radically altered the way bookings are done and how hotels operate. With the availability of various features at the front-end and.....

Features and Benefits that make a Hotel PMS Successful

by admin

With application and software running large organizations all over the world, a feature-packed PMS acts as a reliable and trustworthy system to manage multiple channels easily.  Acting as the nerve center of the daily operations, Hotel PMS connects several departments in monitoring, regulating,.....

Benefits Of A Good Hotel Management Software

by admin

Hotel Management Software (HMS) is not meant to be an additional burden to management or additional cost to bear. Rather it must do one thing well: to help you run your hotel in an efficient manner. Hotels are constantly increasing with an accelerated pace, this is a reason why they need a.....

Tips and Tricks on How to Increase Hotel Occupancy

by admin

While running a hotel business it becomes very important that you make sure your hotel is in healthy condition. In order to find out how your business is doing, you need to see if you have a good occupancy rate. The occupancy rate varies for different hotels depending on the area they are in. For.....

Features to consider when selecting POS for Pub & Bar

by admin

Your pub and bar need a point of sales (POS) software that is not just built for ease but speed too. It should be intuitive and have the scalability to customize the features as and when required. A smart POS can help you streamline bar management, increase the effectiveness of operations, and.....

How To Enhance Your Hotel Guest Experience

by admin

It is evident that satisfactory guest experience at the hotel is an important factor in reinforcing one’s brand’s reputation, retaining a competitive market position, and ensuring repeat bookings. The service industry is and always will be customer-centric and most demanding towards pleasant.....

How a Customized Hotel POS System Can Help?

by admin

There’s no need to mention that Point of Sale in hotels is almost a necessity nowadays. From room bookings to table reservations and inventory management to billing, every hotel, whether a startup or an established brand, need a Customized hotel POS system in place for efficient.....

Point of Sale Software For Cafes: Why You Must Get a POS Software Today

by admin

If you are a café owner, you would agree that keeping your customers happy is your No. 1 priority. Customer satisfaction is the main growth driver for any restaurant or cafe business. Being the drivers of a critical metric to measure your shop’s success, customers have to be taken care of every.....

6 ways to Get More Direct Bookings for your Hotel or Bed & Breakfast Business

by admin

The hospitality industry is currently going all gaga over direct bookings. This realization has seeped in off late after hoteliers realized that OTAs across the globe are exercising an incredible stronghold overbooking numbers!.....

10 Reasons You Should Replace Current Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Software.

by admin

If you are reading this, it’s highly likely that you are unhappy with your B&B’s PMS. You probably are contemplating changing the current Bed & Breakfast Software you have. If yours is a locally hosted property management system, you desperately need an upgrade. Contrastingly, if you do.....

Local Restaurants Sales Tips: How To Drive More Sales To Local Restaurant

by admin

The dining out culture is in. Changing the food habits of the young ‘Millennial’ generation is significantly contributing to this trend.“New data from LendEDU, which surveyed 1,000 Americans ages 22 to 37, found that 49 percent spend more on dining out.” The millennial generation of.....

5 Tips to Run a Profitable Property Management Business

by admin

The property management business seems like an exciting idea to every entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. If you fall into this category and you are waiting to start a property management business, please take note that you won’t just be a property owner anymore. Apart from being a.....

Features to Look For When Choosing a Hotel PMS Software

by admin

If you are a hotelier, you would agree that managing a property in the 21st century is not a cakewalk at all! to ease the process, you may be considering hotel PMS Software. In this blog, we will discuss some pointers to hold you from mistakenly choosing the WRONG property management software.....